We proudly present – Bowled, a cutting-edge sports tech enterprise built at the intersection of three multi-billion dollar markets - sports, gaming, and blockchain.

The Vision

We envision a future where intellectual property fuels a vibrant ecosystem of passionate creators and engaged audiences. Our technology bridges the gap, enabling IP owners to unlock new forms of interaction with their fanbase and allowing individuals to fuel their passions by unlocking both social and financial rewards through their meaningful contributions.

Bowled.io: Pioneering the Path for Future Ventures in our Ecosystem

Our first venture, Bowled.io, is a sports-based social game-fi platform centered around cricket, the second most-watched sport globally, with a fan base of 2.5 billion. Supported by Sky Mavis Labs, the operators of Axie Infinity, IPs of 900+ cricketers licensed by international cricket associations, and collaborations with gaming studios, Bowled.io offers a variety of mid-core strategy and fun games, a native marketplace and wallet on its mobile application. It is powered by a unified economy and reward system enabling users to play games, own and trade digital collectibles, join fantasy contests, participate in tournaments, and much more.

We are collaborating with global IP holders to create a sportsverse by introducing similar gamified fan engagement solutions and unparalleled experiences across basketball, soccer, MMA, F1, combat sports, and tennis.

Technology Stack

Our state-of-the-art tech stack and infrastructure, which combines several JS microservices, utility sockets, node bridges, and zkEVMs, empowers us to offer sophisticated ‘platform-as-a-service’ solutions to partner studios globally.

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